On a Better Job

About Us

MyStandard’s tokenomics are designed to promote the network’s growth by rewarding its most important members: users and holders.

Our approach is a token model that avoids complexities or disadvantages for these key groups. The allocation of our tokens is purposeful, ensuring that neither our team nor the company can negatively impact the market by selling off tokens unexpectedly


Adam Zec

CEO, Cofounder

Joshua Sklut

COO, Cofounder

Andrew Pierz

General Counsel

Timo Weiland

Chief Marketing Officer

David Yu

Product Manager

Directors and Advisors

Carol Gordon, Director

Senior VP of Human Resources, IBM

Jonathan Kestenbaum, Director

Managing Director, AMS

Brian Aznar

Director, Technical Advisor

Roald Munoz

Business Development Advisor

Dave Donnenfeld

Token Advisory

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