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MyStandard is the first employment and talent acquisition service built on web3 technology and designed from the ground up to give users ownership and control of their data.

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Hello, future

MyStandard is the first employment and talent acquisition service built on web3 technology and designed from the ground up to give users ownership and control of their data. 

Isn't It time you own your fair share?

Get paid for the data that that only you want to share and gain interest on those gains. $100 billion of revenue is earned every year by talent acquisition companies using your data. It's time to take your fair share.


We’re a global team spread across many timezones and working towards one goal, to level the playing field for data ownership. You can view and connect with our senior leadership team below.


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MyStandard does not have access to any of your decentrally stored information in your profile unless you approve a data request from MyStandard. With the exception of our core business, allowing users and organizations to exchange tokens for data, we have no products or services to offer that relate to the selling of your data or metadata. 

MyStandard will take a to-be-determined percentage of every transaction as a service fee once organizations start to make requests to users. The goal of MyStandard is for our business to take a small percentage of each transaction passing the rest onto the user who provided the data. We want to end the practice of data retailers keeping 100% of revenue from data transactions.

The information in your MyStandard Profile is stored in two places. Some of your information is stored on a server hosted by AWS, the rest is stored with decentralized storage protocol; not on a server owned by MyStandard. We are migrating more data away from AWS to decentralized storage over time as the network grows and the tech progresses. Our goal is for 100% of user data to be stored decentrally.

As part of the profile creation process, a crypto token wallet is created and linked with your profile. That wallet is used to store your MyStandard Tokens. We use Tor.Us for the wallet creation process.

Development of the user app is almost complete! Please, join the waitlist and stay tuned for updates! The Organizations web application, which will allow companies to interact with users by making requests, is slated for release sometime in ‘22. This will allow the marketplace to grow and populate with profiles of candidates, just like you, thereby attracting the best organizations who will use MyStandard to fill their open job opportunities. The more organizations that use MyStandard, the more chances you will have to monetize that data.

Our Roadmap to success

Modular growth through first-party applications

Talent Acquisition Module

  • User profile creation
  • Employer search
  • Employer data contribution
  • Decentralised application process

Digital Signage Module

  • API from central authority
  • Updated, expiring or active license (Drivers? Medical? Law?)
  • Coronavirus Vaccine authentication
  • Degree, credentialing
  • Cross-state licensing

Advertising Module

  • Target exact type of demographic needed
  • User set their lowest price to watch a 1 minute ad, toggled on/off
  • Option for users to buy product on the spot with their MBK's

Sensitive-Info module

  • Control distribution of medical records
  • Wills, trusts, advanced directives
  • Credit checks / background checks
  • Vote for candidates relevant to their city, state, country


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Join the data revolution. Join the waitlist, get the app, set your profile and forget about It. MyStandard launches in the USA on iOS and Android devices in 2023.


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